Thursday, December 11, 2014

Magic Milk

Arts & Crafts: Indoor Fun when the Outdoors Act up.

When the snow won’t stop falling, the rain keeps coming, or the wind won’t slow down, sometimes you have to choose the indoors and get creative. Although you don’t have nature to learn from, there are experiments that and science projects that can teach you other things, like physics and chemistry. Here’s a fun trick that will allow you to see some crazy colors and flows in a way that nature cannot replicate.
whole milk
food coloring
dish soap
oil (vegetable or canola)

In a wide shallow bowl or deep plate (the shape of the container alters the design, so play around a bit if you’d like). Fill the container ¾ with whole milk. Use the food coloring, 2-4 colors, about 3 drops each, in varying areas of the milk. Following, add a few drops of dish soap, or draw a circle of dish soap, or any other design (different designs will alter reactions). Watch for a few minutes as the colors swirl in various vortexes and flows. You can add more dye for less white in the designs. By adding salt, you will see a reaction in the flow of the colors. Adding oil traps the colors to create color bubbles that don’t mix with the flow. 

              Before Salt                                                                                  After Salt