Sunday, January 4, 2015

Online Portfolio Creator

I decided I needed to get my online portfolio started and get my work into the view of the public. I believe it is a good idea to have all of my digital works that I am proud of available at the click of a button to anyone that wants it. For any digital media professional, having your works in a collaborative space is a smart thing to do. Even if  you are not looking for work, someone may find something they like and connect with you regarding it or your future. It is never a bad idea to make yourself more known and enhance the opportunity for networking.

After researching hard on online portfolio creators, I landed on Coroflot, an awesome website that allows you to create your own custom profile and portfolio, as well as apply for jobs and search salaries, read media related articles, and much more. this site has changed the way I search for jobs and has given me a lot of insight into the digital work world. I highly recommend this site for someone who has digital and media skills that they'd like to show off but don't have the time or skill to code a website themselves.

I was able to make my landing page profile with a short description about me and a few examples of my work. It then leads you to my portfolio where I can add as many projects as I want. Within these projects I can add pictures, videos, documents, or anything else that went into that particular project. Take a look for yourself at my online profile!

If you have any feedback, inquiries, or suggestions, please leave a comment. Also if you think you have a better site than Coroflot, let me know! Thank you and I hope this helps you on your search for a good place to create your online portfolio.